Financial Investment

Brendan Houlihan possesses a unique combination of experience in the public and private sectors. Recognized for integrity, ability to work cross functionally, and being passionate about innovative results and achieving goals.

Financial Challenges

Debt - Credit card debt, mortgage, student loans, auto loans, etc.

College Costs - Public schools can now run $20,000 a year or more. Private schools now regularly exceed $30,000 a year.

Retirement Savings - More and more of the burden is falling on the individual's own savings.

Rising Cost of Living - While we understand things cost more, rarely do we consider this in planning for our future.

Unexpected Loss - A client's entire plan can be destroyed with the loss of income.

Brendan Houlihan and his family

Determining Your Needs

Net Worth/Cash Flow - Establish and discover how and where your income is being spent.

Emergency Fund - Knowing the unexpected will happen, create a systematic savings program to accumulate 3 - 6 months of their income.

Debt Management - Consumer debt is an obstacle to achieving a strong financial future, implement a strategy to reduce and eliminate debt.

Accumulate Wealth - The long-term goal should strive to outpace inflation, limit taxation, and minimize loss.

Proper Protection – Protect your financial house against the loss of income.

Preserve Wealth - Once you reach you reach your accumulation goal, it's imperative to get through retirement, without running out of money.

Brendan believes in education, not sales. He believes with all the facts; you have common sense to know what's best for your family.

"Brendan is a financial advisor representative who is the principal at BFH Wealth Management LLC. In a fiduciary capacity, he develops and reviews financial plans for individuals and families. He has a Series 65 and Life and Health license."

Palos Heights Financial Planner